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Bean screenshots


Page Layout & Inspector

Here you see Bean in page layout mode, with the Inspector panel open. Changes in the Inspector panel apply instantly to text. Also visible is the live word count in the status bar at the bottom of the window. (Text from Andromeda Galaxy article is from Wikipedia.)


Full Screen & Info Panel

Here you see Bean in full screen mode with the Info Panel open. Alternate editing colors are turned on (white on blue here, but they are customizable). (Text from Andromeda Galaxy article is from Wikipedia.)


Find/Replace and Select by Styles panels

The Find/Replace panel in Bean allows the use of regular expressions (pattern matching). The text selection may also be narrowed using the Select by Styles panel.


Headers and Footers; Templates with Boilerplate Text

Bean allows free-form headers and footer, with auto-updating page numbers etc. Template documents can include boilerplate text.



Split Screen; 2-Up View

Bean allows vertical or horizontal split-screen editing of the same document. Also seen here: 2-up mode, sidebar document list, popup dictionary (Lion).


Rich text editing > Export > Plain text/HTML editing > Safari

The left window shows Bean editing a rich text document with images. This document was then exported to HTML using Bean (the HTML file is open in Bean in the middle window). In the front-most window, this same HTML file is shown rendered as a webpage in Safari.